I decided I needed a logo for projects I was responsible for which I thought were really genuinely cool. Predominantly for things I had done as an artist/creative, not really for commissioned work. Most people who come to me for videos do so because they want the ‘Noel Mack Films’ brand associated with their product. Similarly, most people who approach myself or Ashley for branding want the ‘R3Brand’ look for their product.

I wanted to be able to have a logo for works which I decided I wanted to do for the creative stimulation, not for financial or any other.

Obviously given my expertise it had to be perfect and it took a LOT of consideration. I mused over many designs for around a year. Until one day an idea came to me –

I knew I wanted it to be very subtle and almost look like a quick signature. I also knew I wanted it to mean something to me. This is where I came up with the crown.

I am a huge J.Cole fan and loved his artwork for the ‘Born Sinner’ album cover. I decided I would draw inspiration from the crown on the album cover but put my own twist on it and incorporate ‘MC’ (Mc – Mack – Mcelhinney) into it. It was then a case of sitting and sketching until I came up with something simple, almost effortless but still very unique which encapsulated everything which I wanted it to.