Noel Mack; Creative Consultant and Wanna-be Game Changer. Gymshark Chief Brand Officer

At University, I specialised in Creative Music Production. That niche steered me towards great things, not least the production of a platinum-selling record and many a chance to work with iconic contemporary artists. Whilst I spent those years in London I fell in love with the marketing side of the industry, quickly my passion went from instruments and beats to selling records and building brands within music.

Fast forward a few years and I had co-founded an award-winning digital branding agency and was consulting for some of the largest and more importantly coolest (imo) organisations in the world – not necessarily in music but utilising the disruptive cutting-edge-of-cool style of marketing and brand which is so normal in the music industry and bringing it outside of that space.

The team and the client base were growing pretty exponentially and I was flying around the world having fun every single day creating work I was proud of and memories I will never forget. The only problem with that was I had one particular client who was intriguing me (and growing) more and more every single day and I couldn’t help but want to become a bigger part of it, not just another supplier.


With that being said, the heart of my work is not in branding, nor in camerawork. It’s in game changing. I help my clients go from a simple idea to leading the pack in a new direction. Watching that growth is the reason my ‘job’ is not really a job at all; it’s the reason I get up in the morning. 

I assume you’re reading this because you have an idea. So let’s do some game changing.


So above is what the end of my bio used to say, but these days you can’t contact me to explain your crazy project you want some help with because I now sit on the board of that client I mentioned above.

Now I’m the CBO of Gymshark a brand which needs no introduction.

It’s a different challenge these days but it’s still just as fun and just as unforgettable. Myself and circa 300 others are legitimately changing the world with small decisions every single day and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved.

In all honesty this website no longer serves a purpose, it used to be my shop window but I’ve just left it online so that the world can see some of the work I used to do.

Thanks for reading anyway, NM.