Noel Mack; Creative Consultant and Wanna-be Game Changer.

At University, I specialised in Creative Music Production. That niche steered me towards great things, not least the production of a platinum-selling hit and many a chance to work with iconic contemporary artists. Whilst I continue to work within the music industry, a lot of alone time spent in such an inspiring city as London was the catalyst for a different type of creativity. It’s there that I taught myself to shoot both stills and film amongst the iconic surroundings of my favourite city.

Fast forward to now, and I’m one half of an award-winning digital branding agency and consulting for some of the largest organisations in the UK. The Noel Mack Films brand has also achieved international recognition and continues to gain momentum. My team and client portfolio are growing exponentially, and we’ve managed to achieve incredible and unforgettable things.

With that being said, the heart of my work is not in branding, nor in camerawork. It’s in game changing. I help my clients go from a simple idea to leading the pack in a new direction. Watching that growth is the reason my ‘job’ is not really a job at all; it’s the reason I get up in the morning. 

I assume you’re reading this because you have an idea. So let’s do some game changing.