Back in December 2013 I got booked to film a pretty well-known student event in London called Milkshake – Check that out here.

Anyway that night I got chatting with the DJ/Promoter – Martin. We talked about the idea of doing a video just about him and even recorded a couple clips that night we could potentially use.  Nothing much came of that until this time last year when I learned a little more about him and come up with an idea for a video called ‘A Portrait of a DJ’. This was really an introduction/overview into Martin’s motivation and lifestyle, being a professional DJ. It also focused heavily on our capital city, and how much London inspires him in what he does.

The video did very well and gained a lot of social media attention.

Fast forward to four(ish) months ago I get a call from Martin, he wants to know if I want to shoot a follow-up video, but this time accompany him on his ‘Teriyaki Tour’ as he performs across asia. I would get to see Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. I would also be there to capture it all on my new Sony A7s. As you can probably imagine, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

24000 Miles, 10 Flights, 5 Cities and 4 Parties later I returned to London with a new friend, and a heap of really nice footage. Here’s how it came out –

The Teriyaki Tour – 2400 Miles, 10 Flights, 5 Cities, 4 Parties from Noel Mack Films on Vimeo.