I’m not really one for writing. I enjoy grammar and good English, and can’t stand when people misuse them. I also find blogging a little narcissistic.

However, recently my other half and a couple of friends have implored me to feature a blog on my website. So here it is folks. I bet you’re excited.

I didn’t think I really need a website – we have the R3Brand website for our corporate branding work which I don’t want to take anything away from, and people in the industry just know my name when it comes to photo/videography so I get calls and e-mails for that regardless. But more and more people were saying to me “you need a portfolio of everything YOU do” so in my spare time in the evenings when I wasn’t working, I would spend an hour here or there building this site. Once I finished it I didn’t even tell anybody I launched it. I didn’t want lots of friends and current clients logging on just for the sake of it to tell me how great it looked for a bit of an ego rub. I wanted people – and more importantly, potential clients – to come across it organically and respect the work I had done because they appreciated it, and not just because my friend posted it on their Instagram page with a caption reading “Check out my friend Noel’s great work”.

So far I think it’s worked. I’ve had a few enquiries through the site in the short period of time it has been up and they have all said they’d seen my work around and didn’t know how to get in touch. (So apparently I did need a website!)

Anyway, hopefully you are one of those people who just chanced across the site and might care about my opinions and musings.

I’m hoping to post some of the more interesting work-related things I get up to which may not necessarily form part of my ‘portfolio’, meaning that you guys wouldn’t normally see it. However, I’m sure it will descend into nice dinners I’ve had or holiday selfies.

Thanks for being interested.

‘… it’s only natural I explain my plateau, and also, what defines my name…

– NM

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