So here’s my first ‘I wouldn’t include it in my portfolio but still want people to see it’ thing.

I was in Dublin a while ago with my Dad; he’s a big fan of classic car shows, so we took his old Jensen Interceptor (left) over there. I photographed it outside the iconic Trinity College using a technique called light painting (again, left).

Anyway – it’s the city my family are from. My Granddad, his ten siblings and his father all lived in the same tiny house right next to Croke Park Stadium. We actually visited the house during this trip, as two of his sisters still live there.

So obviously I feel like Dublin is where my roots are, and wanted to capture some of my favourite bits on film. I had seen some guys on Vimeo getting insane slow-motion results by using really high shutter speeds, so thought I would kill two birds with one stone: test out this high shutter speed technique and film some paddies doing what paddies do!