Now I know I am biased, but I honestly believe that your photography is VITAL to engaging your audience, whether that’s through your website, social networks – in fact any form of marketing.

So when the time comes to hire a photographer and to go through the process of the shoot you’ve been planning in your head for months, there’s nothing worse than seeing the final images and thinking: “Oh, that’s not really what I was after.”

We get around this by producing the perfect photography brief to give to the photographer. This way everybody is on the same page, and has seen enough in the way of mood boards and inspiration to know exactly what the final product is supposed to look like.

The problem I always have, however, is that not many clients know what a proper brief needs to include, or even how to go about putting one together, save for the few veteran marketing execs (who are, IMO, worth their weight in gold).

So I’ve attached what I consider to be a really good brief. It covers everything you might need in a photoshoot situation and always helps me a) get inside the client’s head to know exactly what they are trying to achieve and b) know exactly how to price the job. This is because I can look and think “ah okay, so I’ll need to rent those flashes for that shot, and I’ll need to do this much travelling to get all those locations in” – makes sense right?

So whether you are trying to organise a shoot and want it to go absolutely perfectly or you are a photographer hoping to educate your client on what you need to know, feel free to download/copy/mess with this one and get to shooting!

If anybody is interested in the Adobe Indesign file drop me an e-mail and I’ll happily oblige.

Peace, N.